About NDT-Titans


Mr. Honggang Cao
Mr. John Bickley
Dr. Andrzej Moczko
Mr. Bernard Hertlein
Mr. Claus G. Petersen
Mr. Christophe Michaux
Mr. Jesper S. Clausen
The NDT-Titans is an international group of testing experts providing professional services in nondestructive testing (NDT) of concrete and related subjects.

The NDT-Titans have on average more than 20 years of experience with NDT systems and their applications. The NDT-Titans are academics, consultants, and researchers, all with a practical background in testing. They have invented, researched and developed many of the systems covered in this catalog. They are involved on a day-to-day basis with NDT in major consulting and testing companies or educational and research institutions. The NDT-Titans are members of relevant ACI, ASTM, and European standards-development committees.

The NDT-Titans offer the following services to clients on a worldwide basis:

1. General NDT seminars

The seminars are tailored to the client's specific needs, e.g., in relation to:
  • Durability
  • Safely loading of structures at early ages
  • Quality control of finished structure
  • Upgrading of structures
  • Locating flaws in dubious structures
  • Estimating remaining service life
  • Quality assurance of repairs
  • Monitoring of structures
The seminars deal with NDT systems in general, outlining the properties measured with the various systems, the background of the test systems, their benefit(s), their limitations, and the costs. Typical testing cases are illustrated for each of the categories mentioned above.

2. NDT training courses

There are courses for each of the following subjects and NDT systems:
  • Chloride penetration into concrete mixtures; the PROOVE'it and the Profile Grinder
  • Air-void analyses of fresh concrete with the AVA
  • Simulation of temperatures and stresses during hardening of a structure with the 4C and Be4Cast software
  • Testing for accelerated construction schedules with the LOK-TEST for in-place compressive strength
  • Testing of the near-to-surface properties for chloride penetration, strength, and water permeation with the PROOVE'it, the CAPO-TEST and the GWT
  • Upgrading of structures, testing for strength with CAPO-TEST and depth/size of reinforcement with the CoverMaster P331
  • Quick screening of flaws in structures and testing for depth of piles with the s'MASH impulseresponse system
  • Thickness measurement and location of flaws with the DOCter impact-echo test system
  • Thickness measurement and location of defects with ground-penetrating radar
  • Testing for corrosion activity and service life calculations, the GalvaPulse, RapiCor, and the RCT
  • Testing of repairs with DOCter, BOND-TEST, GalvaPulse, and RapiCor
  • Testing with TORQ-TEST and DSS-TEST when using CFRP-strips for structural strengthening
3. Implementation Support

Support is provided during initial planning and implementation of the NDT systems on a particularproject. Such support is typically related to:
  • Contract specifications and procedures
  • Discussion of the testing problem for a specific type of structure
  • Selecting the proper test system(s)
  • Developing correlations
  • Choosing the correct settings and/or hardware
  • Planning of the testing
  • On-site assistance during implementation of test system(s)
  • Transfer of data and installation of additional software
  • Analysis of the test results
  • Interpretation of the test results
  • Verification
  • Experience with similar structures
4. Testing with NDT methods

The NDT-Titans can participate in the testing on a specific job, either by offering training for the client in the correct application of the NDT system and the interpretation of the test results, or by providing testing services.

Examples of Activities by the NDT-Titans Team

General NDT seminar, Mumbai, India.

On-site DOCter training prior to testing.

General NDT seminar, Poland.

s'MASH seminar, USA.

DOCter training course, Beijing, China.

General NDT seminar, Iran.

AVA training for Pennsylvania DOT personnel USA.

On-site LOK-TEST training for early removal of formwork, UK.

Training seminar on use of DOCter impact-echo system, Denmark.